Becoming part of the Firminio brand means growing into an integral part of a project.The project was born in 2014, in a small medieval village in the Valle di Comino. Since the franchising launch in 2014, Firminio has had 8 affiliated outlets in Italy, 1 in Sweden, 30 multi-brand retailers in Europe and a distributor in the United States of America.

Firminio is high-quality craftsmanship at competitive prices that applies a premium price for quality, manual processing and Made in Italy. The brand stylistic code is enhancing and taking care of the local high craftsmanship; from the choice of materials, to the finishing touches, to the decorations: the laboratories that collaborate with us are located  just a few kilometers from our headquarters, Alvito.

Marketing Strategies


Our range of products includes the production of bags, shoes, wallets, small leather goods and scarves. We look after every details: from the design to the packaging. Our offer aims predominantly at a female clientele, however we have recently included items for our male customers, which have been sold successfully in our boutiques.

In our sales outlets, where we personally look after the set up, the customers experience the pleasure of admiring with no hurry the unique pieces arranged as in an exhibition. The space is used as a container for an artistic intervention, characterized as the exposition itself.

Our  peculiarity is that we never lose sight of our roots and we preserve their memories; the elements for the sales outlets – such as fir wood and iron – refer to the tradition and are chosen according to a principle of strengthening and developing the local economy.  In the set up traces of the carpenter’s work are deliberately visible – the fir wood boards retain a rough, freshly smooth surface – and the blacksmith’s skillful work – the iron is left in its original color. An interesting sensorial contrast is created between the elements “coarseness” and the precious objects on display.


Firminio tends to find eligible sales points in the city central areas able to attract the visitor and possible buyer. The historical towns are the ideal location

Franchisee profile

Becoming part of our brand means be a fundamental piece of the mosaic and fond of the “Firminio dream“. We could confidently say that we “chooses” each other in the franchise process. Therefore, the ideal affiliate is someone with a true passion for craftsmanship, Made in Italy and for the enhancement of his territory. Someone curious, attentive, “empathetic” and fitted for the direct dialogue with the clients.

As per our deontology, Firminio guidesits  franchisees, supporting them and advising them since the beginning and throughout the whole process: from the set up, to the choice of goods, to the franchisee or staff induction, to sales and marketing strategies.

The Business Method

Firminio franchise features an innovative formula that keeps receiving increasing success from our franchisees.

It includes:

– An affiliation cost entrance fees or royalties exempt

– Absence of stock and a weekly goods supply


  • Made in Italy from factory to hand.
  • A dynamic yet elegant concept.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • An innovative business formula that gains more and more acclaims
  • Affiliate cost 39.900, no entry fee nor royalty.